Judy Manning is a Citizen Representative With a Proven Conservative Record

State Representative Manning directly supported the following bills in 2012:


  • Income tax credits for business enterprises located in less developed areas designated by tiers (HB 868)
  • Diabetes care in schools for elementary and secondary education students (HB 879)
  • More effective methods for gathering information relating to sexual offenders (HB 895)
  • Criminal background checks for persons seeking to become a guardian (HB 850)


  • Provisions for juvenile court proceedings (HB 641)
  • Provisions for state government open meetings and records (HB 397)
  • Comprehensive revenue and taxation structure revision, including: the removal of sales tax on the purchase of motor vehicles as well as the ad valorem tax; reduced income taxes for married couples; Conservation Easement Credit revisions; elimination of sales tax exemptions (HB 386)
  • Provisions to prevent abortions after 20 weeks (HB 954)
  • Funding for state chartered special schools to provide appropriations of funds overseen by the State Charter Schools Commission (HB 797)


  • Georgia Pain Management Clinic Act (HB 972)
  • Georgia Taxpayer Protection False Claims Act (HB 822)
  • Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act (HB 744)
Other Accomplishments:
  • Authorized residency fee for services provided by a facility of the Georgia State War Veterans’ Home (HB 535)
  • Required early care and education programs to provide information on the causes, risk, and symptoms of the influenza vaccine, as well as the availability, effectiveness, and known contraindications of the vaccine (HB 845)
  • Extended sales and use tax exemptions for food and hunger relief donations (HB 318)

Georgia General Assembly Passes Sweeping Tax Reform; More to Come

“Georgia Taxpayer Relief Act of 2010” eliminates retirement income tax on Georgia seniors and eliminates the state property tax.

Property Tax Assessment and Appeals reform bill passes house ensuring all Georgia properties are properly assessed at Fair Market Value and that property owners have guaranteed rights to appeal.

Various Legislative Successes in 2010-2011 Supported by State Representative Judy Manning

HR 1767 – establishes a House Study Committee on Renewable Energy for the State of Georgia.

HR 824 – created the House Study Committee on Autism surrounding the availability and affordability of health care insurance covering autism and access to health care services.
HR 259 – Requesting that the President of the United States and his administration continue the uninterrupted production of the F-22 Raptor;

HB 1412 – require local school systems to establish specific procedures and safety precautions regarding unloading children under eight years of age from a school bus.

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