Gets it Done

Judy Manning Gets It Done

Judy Manning Gets it DONE !
While others make promises they can’t keep…

The following are samples of the 31 Bills and 37 Resolutions that Judy sponsored or co-sponsored during just the last session of the General Assembly. This takes experience, know-how, and respect from your peers. This is what we elected her to do !

– Chairman of the Cobb Legislative Delegation
– Legislator of the Year Award ~ Council of Developmental Disabilities
– Legislator of the Year Award ~ Georgia Association of Homes and services for Children
– Leadership Award from the National Association of Community Leadership
– Woman of the Year ~ Cobb Republican Women
– W.W. Pilcher, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
– Pacesetter Award from Southern Women in Public Service

Notification of Power Lines: Judy proposed a bill in the House that prohibits the use of the power of eminent domain to acquire property for the construction of electric transmission lines (POWER LINES) without the issuance of a certificate of public convenience and necessity by the Public Service Commission. This also gives nearby residents an opportunity for input.

Parental Rights of a Felon: Calls for limitation of parental rights if convicted of a felony; and prohibits visitation rights for a grandparent who has been convicted of rape or incest.

Pimping and Sexual Offenses: Places greater restrictions on those guilty of committing certain sexual offenses and pimping activities.

Controls for City Limits and Annexation: This amends an Act creating a new charter for the City of Kennesaw, and alters the provisions that relate to city limits and annexations.

Districts of Cobb Commissioners: A bill, amending the Act for the Cobb Commissioners , which changes the commissioner districts, making them compatible with local communities.

Directors for Family and Children Services: Calls for the appointment of a county director to serve in more than one county, so all Georgians can have these services for families and children.

Notification of Truancy and Failing Grades: Bill requires local boards of education to adopt truancy policies and provide notice to parents and guardians about truancy and failing grades.

Child Endangerment: This legislation calls for a fine for people leaving a child unattended in a passenger car; and for other purposes.

HOPE Scholarship Provisions: This tightens the guidelines for Hope programs and makes certain persons, such as those guilty of felonies, ineligible for a HOPE scholarship or grant.

Controlling Convicted Felons: This bill increases the reasons a convicted felon, granted a work release program, can lose this status and be re-incarcerated and have his sentence increased.

Publication of Photographs of Convicted Persons: Bill requires the photographs of persons convicted of assault and battery, family violence, and stalking offenses be published in the legal organ of the county in which the person is convicted.

Illegally Using a Child’s Identity: This bill creates a new offense for using a minor’s social security number or forging their signature to establish a utility or other credit account.

Elimination of State Tax for Military: This bill provides that military income received by a taxpayer who is a full, part-time, or retired member of the military or armed services of the United States or any reserve component is not subject to state income tax.

Control of Illegal Aliens: This bill would enhance the punishment of illegal aliens convicted of certain violent or sex related crimes. Also, it would allow state and local law enforcement agencies to assist federal officers in the enforcement of immigration laws.

Restrictions on Outdoor Advertising Signs: This is a bill that further controls the unsightly proliferation of multiple message signs on the interstate system and primary highways.

Help for Child Protective Services: This bill will provide for a sufficient number of qualified child protective services workers and limit caseloads for child protective services workers; to provide for requirements relating to initial investigations; and for other purposes.

School Progress Reports: This measure is for elementary and secondary education, and calls for the publishing of Yearly Progress Reports to be reviewed by local boards of education and superintendents. Also, it requires that parents have access to these progress reports.

Budgetary Oversight Committee: The bill calls for a written report of explanation when any division of state government experiences a budgetary overrun, shortfall or deficit of 5% or more.

Disabled Homestead Exemption: This dictates an exemption in the City of Marietta from certain ad valorem taxes for municipal purposes for those who are disabled.

In addition to these and other important bills, Judy has offered Resolutions:

*That urged the State Board of Education to adopt one or more salary step increases for teachers who have taught for over 20 years.

*That called for Georgia Power Company to consult with some communities before constructing a substation in their residential neighborhood.

*Which created the house study committee on Funding For Local Victim Assistance Programs.

*That urged and requested the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Community Health to take certain actions with respect to people with certain disabilities.

*That commended SafePath Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc. for its tremendous work for the children of Georgia. Judy has been recognized for her work and support for this group.

*Which recognizes that plasma arc is a technology that represents renewable energy production